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Zhejiang Winjoy New Material CO., LTD (hereinafter referred to as “Winjoy”) was established in July, 2017. It is located in Shangyu Economic and Technological Development Zone, Hangzhou Bay, Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province. It is a joint stock limited company initiated by many experienced professionals and technical experts in the domestic high-precision copper alloy strip industry.

The Company has a registered capital of 534.1 million yuan, covering an area of 132,000 square meters and a building area of 94,000 square meters. The total investment in the first phase is more than 1 billion yuan. When the first phase of the project is completed, Winjoy will have an annual output of 60,000 tons of various high-performance copper alloy strips.

Product positioning of Winjoy is to develop and produce all types of high-performance new copper alloy strips. The main products include high-performance copper-nickel-zinc alloys, copper-tin-phosphorus alloys, copper-titanium alloys, copper-chromium- zirconium alloys and high purity oxygen-free copper strips. The process technology and performance of these products have already reached the international advanced level. They are widely used in national pillar industries such as electronic information, automobiles, ships, high-end equipment, power, electric and aerospace.

Winjoy has imported international advanced equipment from Europe, America and Japan, and has absorbed, upgraded and innovated our own techniques on the basis of foreign advanced technologies. Various types of core equipment include WSP continuous annealing furnace and HERKULES roll grinder from Germany, IKUTA milling machine and stretch-bending leveller from Japan, REDEX stretch-bending leveller from France,UNITED-ALCOA blooming mill and STAMCO slitting machine from the U.S., SALICO and FIMI-SALICO slitting machines from Italy, etc.

The Company has more than 20 sets of physical and chemical testing equipment, among which the imported photoelectric direct-reading spectrometer is used for chemical composition analysis and tensile testing machine, hardness tester, bending machine, cupping tester, roughness tester, conductivity tester, metallographic microscope and the softening point test furnace are used to test the physical and mechanical properties of materials. In addition, Winjoy also possesses the salt spray test machine, high-temperature oxidation test furnace, and high-power microscope to test the surface characteristics of materials. What’s more, in order to control the production process and ensure the quality of products, the Company is also equipped with more than 10 sets of advanced equipment to test the cleaning media and lubricating media during the production process, such as copper sheet corrosion tester, ultraviolet specrophotometer and kinematic viscosity tester, particle counter, open cup flash point and kindling point testers for petroleum products.

Adhering to the values of “trust and responsibility, passion and struggle, learning and innovation”, the Company has always taken customers as its priority. Through an excellent system of products and services, it has established long-term strategic partnerships characterized by mutual trust and joint growth with our customers, with an aim to Become the Most Trusted Professional Provider of High-performance Copper Alloy Strip Products.


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Winjoy (or wei jing in pinyin), is taken from an important ancient scripture the Book of Documents (shangshu). “Only through careful observation and persistent concentration can we stick to an impartial and correct path.” Therefore, Winjoy will adhere to this motto, strive to build the most reliable professional provider of high-performance copper alloy strips with our craftsmanship and dedication.

The mission of Winjoy was defined as “Dream, love and the world; Excellence, unity and strong foundation.”, which is the result of the original intention of Winjoy’s establishment-- to “gather a group of people with dreams to do something for China's copper processing industry”. As several founding team members and I have been working in this industry for nearly 30 years, we are deeply aware of the gap between China’s copper processing level and the world’s advanced level. With the sense of responsibility for our nation and our love for this career, all Winjoy people will be passionate and never stop doing what we love. !

Corporate Culture

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Dream, love and the world;
Excellence, unity and strong foundation.


Build the most trustworthy professional provider
of high-performance copper alloy strips


Trust and responsibility
Passion and struggle
Learning and innovation

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