Cluster development, forging a strong "immunity"


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"At present, the company keeps a close eye on the development trends of the 5G and new energy basic materials industry, increases capital and R&D investment, and at the same time, makes timely strategic adjustments to the product structure. Since February, the 5G and new energy basic materials industry has maintained a contrarian trend. The output value has maintained a monthly growth rate of 30% to 50%.” In late April, Liu Zhicheng, CEO of Zhejiang Weijing New Materials Co., Ltd., told reporters how companies are adopting transformational innovations under the epidemic situation. The process of enhancing self-"immune" function.

  ZHEJIANG WINJOY NEW MATERIAL CO., LTD, located in the core area of Shangyu Economic Development Zone, Hangzhou Bay, was founded by a number of senior technical experts in the field of high-precision copper strips in China. In the fields of electronic information, automobiles and ships, high-end equipment, electric power and aerospace. Affected by the epidemic, the market for automobiles and consumer electronics ancillary products with good sales volume has been sluggish, and sales have declined, directly affecting the survival and development of enterprises.

  Facing severe challenges, companies quickly adjusted their product structure to cater to the mainstream market of new infrastructure, 5G and new energy vehicles. Behind this, research and development capabilities play a crucial role. WINJOY NEW MATERIAL immediately took out the reserve products developed in the early stage, shifted from the original focus on mass production to increasing the added value of products, and realized the resumption of the entire industry chain. Focusing on expanding domestic demand, not only will the production and research and development focus be shifted to 5G and new energy vehicle battery supporting products, but also plans to become associated with the UHV power transmission and transformation field. "Affected by the epidemic, in terms of the number of products, this year will have a painful reduction compared to last year. However, from the analysis of sales and profit statements, the company can still complete the full-year target plan formulated at the beginning of the year. From March to April orders In terms of production and sales, the situation of battery supporting products for 5G and new energy vehicles is improving, and the production schedule is almost unable to keep up with the demand for orders." Liu Zhicheng said.

  Quickly adjust the product structure according to market changes, so that the initial scale of WINJOY NEW MATERIAL has withstood the test of the epidemic. In the hot land of Shangyu Economic Development Zone in Hangzhou Bay, there are not a few new material companies like Weijing New Materials that have the ability to turn crises into opportunities. Xinhecheng’s polyphenylene sulfide polymer materials (PPS), Zhongke Hengtai’s polymethacrylimide (PMI) composite materials, Jingrui Electronics’ four-inch sapphire wafers, etc., these new material companies with “hard core” products not only still occupy the leading position in the international and domestic markets in the face of the epidemic. Grasping the right to speak in the market and highlighting the advantages of strength also laid a solid foundation for the development of the entire industrial chain of new materials in the Economic Development Zone to further withstand the baptism.

  The NEW MATERIAL industry has benefited from recent years, the Hangzhou Bay Shangyu Economic Development Zone has relied on a solid industrial foundation to promote the development of high-end industrial clusters. In 2017, the Economic Development Zone determined the development ideas and spatial layout of the "2+2" industrial clusters, focusing on the formulation and completion of industrial development plans and industrial investment policies for the two leading industries of new materials and modern medicine, and formulating project access "positive" There are two lists of "negative", and a professional investment promotion team is formed to implement vertical and precise investment promotion in the industry. After years of cultivation and development, the economic development zone has initially formed a new material industry chain development pattern of "basic research + technology research and development + market application" in the field of new materials.

  At the end of last year, our district issued the "Implementation Opinions on Promoting the "Chain Length System" of the Industrial Chain" in accordance with the actual conditions of the regional industry, and promoted the pilot construction of the "chain length system" of the industrial chain. The "chain length" of the new material industry chain is personally assumed by the district party committee secretary, and the new material industry has ushered in unprecedented development opportunities and momentum. In 2019, the new material industry chain in the Economic Development Zone achieved an output value of 53.817 billion yuan, an increase of 11.14% year-on-year. The growth rate was 1 percentage point higher than the average level of the development zone, and the scale accounted for 46.5% of the total industrial output value of the development zone. The import and export scale of the new material industry reached 774.06 million U.S. dollars, of which the export value was 747.95 million U.S. dollars.

  The wind is good when the sail is set. The new material industry in Hangzhou Bay Shangyu Economic Development Zone is realizing a leap from "quantity to quality" and "from existence to excellence". In the face of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, many new material industries have bucked the trend by leveraging the advantages of the upstream and downstream industrial chains of the economic development zone, product independent innovation capabilities, and market leadership, showing strong muscles and bones against the "epidemic". A person in charge of the Economic and Technological Development Zone said that the new material industry will continue to maintain the momentum of growth against the trend, and it will play a vital role in completing and exceeding the annual target and task.

  At present, the development plan for the new material industry chain in the Economic Development Zone has initially taken shape. Focusing on the target positioning of "a more complete industrial chain, a more complete innovation and development, a more reasonable industrial layout, and a more efficient resource allocation", the northern part of the Economic Development Zone will plan 10,000 acres of land for the chemical polymerization and modification of new materials, making it larger and more advanced Polymer materials industry chain, high-end metal and new materials industry chain, advanced inorganic non-metallic materials industry chain, new energy storage material industry chain and cutting-edge new material industry chain, vigorously promote the development of new material industry clusters, and strive to achieve In 2022, it will become a leading national and world-class new material industry center.


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