Strong debut-WINJOY detonates Shenzhen Industrial Exhibition


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From March 30th to April 2nd, 2021, the Shenzhen Industrial Exhibition and the 22nd Shenzhen Machinery Exhibition, but the first appearance of WINJOY has attracted the attention of the market.


The company solemnly released a variety of newly developed alloys at this exhibition, and there was an endless stream of visitors. Chairman Wang Jianli was surrounded by groups of manufacturers coming to exchange new products and views on the current non-ferrous market.


The "Hui" guest room is a new communication mode newly launched at this industrial exhibition. Senior celebrities from various industries are invited to visit the live room to conduct in-depth face-to-face discussions with end users, and spread it widely through live broadcast. Ms. Han Shumin, the company's chief engineer, Invited as a special guest of "High-strength, high-elasticity and super-wear-resistant alloy new materials help 5G new development", with Foxconn global procurement leaders, top experts in the connector industry, experts from Shenzhen Connector Association, etc. Conducted an interview.


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